The North Texas Saluki Club co-hosted a Coursing Ability Test Event – (“CATapalooza for DOGS”) – November 17 and 18 (Saturday and Sunday) – Myers Park, McKinney, Texas.  At the Coursing Ability Test (“CAT”), there will be two (2) trials in a.m. and two (2) trials in p.m. – total of four (4) trials each day – opportunity to run 160 dogs per day.  Please reach out to Pam Arwood at (817) 846-1525 or tnsaluki if you would like to help – volunteers are needed – or if you need details on entries or additional information.

Judges were:  Karen Arends, Jo Ann Linebaugh, Linda Stillwell and Sherita Tabner

“We had an absolute blast at the CAT trials this past weekend!  I wanted to commend all the people who helped put on this trial!  It was the most organized and efficiently run CAT trial we have ever attended and the people were all so helpful and accommodating!  I loved, loved, loved the fact that we had the opportunity to run 4 times each day, that was awesome………and made for some wonderfully tired dogs at the end of the day!!  Special thanks to Billy, who helped with the pre-trial “screenings” of the dogs, he was a hoot and made us laugh all day!!  Please pass along our thanks to all the club members who participated, we had an awesome time!!”

Robbie Johnson
Raveneaux Ranch
AKC Breeder of Merit